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Rugby Calender 2011
Tournament Schedule
a) Caltex Rugby League"A" Division tournament for the CALTEX TROPHY
i First Round from 03rd June to 17th July
ii Second Round(Caltex Trophy) from 14th June to 14th August
iii Second Round(Caltex Plate) from 29th June to 12th August
b) Caltex Clifford Cup Knock-out Tournament form 2nd September to 17th September.
c) Caltex Rugby League "B" Division Tournament for the "Late Rudra Rajasingham Trophy" from 27th June to 12th August
d) Caltex Rugby League & Knock-out "C"Division Tournament for the "CALTEX BOWL" Trophy from 27th June to 16th September
e) SLRFU President's XV vs Defence Serviced XV for the Mahinda Rajapaksa Trophy 1st October